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Chartered Accountants Supporting
6 & 7 Figure Business Owners

Outgrown Your Accountant?

  • Management Accounts

  • Cash Flow Planning & Improvement

  • ​Fractional Finance Director Services

  • Business Growth Strategy

Get Expert Eyes on Your Business & Finances

A Profit & Loss Does Not Paint The Full Picture

Most small business owners are led to believe that "reviewing their accounts monthly" means looking at the profit and loss. Whilst this is a great place to begin, simply looking at the P&L does not paint the full picture about how the business is performing, especially when you are running a 6 or 7 figure business.

And critically do you fully understand the numbers? Do you know what impact your performance is having on your cash flow? How do you gauge if your pricing and cost base is correct? Do you understand what the long term implications of your decisions are? Are you sure you have a scalable and profitable business model? 

The management accounts should answer questions just like these, and give you a full overview of every angle of your business, not just your profit. You need to be looking at a range of numbers that shows how the business is performing from sales & gross profit, to operations and cash flow and long term projections.

It is vital to understand what is driving the numbers and how they link together so that actions can be taken to fix what isn't working, and replicate what is working. 

Balance Sheet Cash Flow ROY Forecast Age

Get Monthly Reporting That Delivers Value

We will deliver bespoke and insightful information about how your business is performing and give you the confidence you need to make the decisions needed to grow a financially successful business. 


We will meticulously analyse the numbers for you. We will look at your profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet. No stone will be left unturned by our expert eyes. 


We will prepare a monthly reporting pack that is bespoke to your business and summarises the key points that need your attention and focus. As standard, it includes detailed commentary, in simple english, to ensure you fully understand how your business is performing. 


We will provide recommendations of the actions you need to take to increase your profits, improve your cash flow and grow your business. 

Our years of experience supporting businesses to increase their profits, improve their cash flow and grow their business has given us a unique insight into the information and advice that small business owners need.

That’s Why Our Monthly Reporting Pack Includes

  • Profit & Loss report with commentary explaining what is happening and recommendations to improve your business

  • Balance Sheet report

  • Monthly commentary of your finances and what is and isn't working well, along with recommendations to improve your business

  • Monthly cash flow analysis and recommendations on how to improve your cash

  • Monthly bespoke KPI dashboards to track what matters in your business

  • Monthly aged creditors analysis - a breakdown of what money you owe to your suppliers

  • Monthly aged debtors analysis - a breakdown of what money is owed to you by your customers

  • Quarterly 1 hour board meeting with an experienced finance director to guide you on strategic issues and how to grow your business

  • Quarterly sales & GP analysis - key insights into your customers behaviour and spending habits

  • Quarterly forecast of how much profit and cash you will generate this year

  • Quarterly forecast of your tax liabilities and recommendations on how to reduce business taxes

  • Quarterly tax update of all financial legislation changes that impact your business

  • Quarterly Risk Review of key threats and vulnerabilities to your business and recommendations on how to minimise them

  • Annual planning session with an experienced finance director who will prepare a financial forecast for the next 12 months based on your growth plans

What People Say

5 star review

Tom & Joe

Cawdor FX

"Claire assisted us in various aspects of our business. Helping with cash flow, accounts, payroll and simply by listening. Sometimes as a business owner getting all your ideas and visions into reality is hard. Claire cut through the jargon, gave an impartial view and monetised the options. Would highly recommend."
5 star review

Chris Naylor

Naycott Estates

"I've worked with the team for nearly 7 years now and our business has gone from strength to strength. We have a bookkeeper who does the day to day work, but we needed help with the more strategic side of things as we wanted to grow quickly. Having clarity on where we were heading and what we needed to do to get there has been invaluable."
5 star review

Graham Taylor

G Transport Ltd

"I knew how to run my business day to day but I wasn't thinking Enough about the future and making long term decisions. I either had too much or not enough cash, and I was scared to make decisions about investing in new equipment and staff because I had no information about how my business was performing. Working with Claire gave me the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level. I've doubled my team, invested £500k in equipment and secured over £1m in new business." 

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Qualified & Trusted

We are chartered management accountants that specialise in business growth and performance.

And we are UK qualified with two of the leading accountancy bodies.

CIMA qualified accountant

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants


Membership Number: 142108106

CIMA qualified chartered accountant

Association of Accounting Technicians


Membership Number: 75011


To employ a full time finance director and qualified chartered accountant will set your business back in the region of £150-200k

Don’t just take out word for it - check it out for yourself here and here


You can have the same level of service and expertise in your business for £749 per month

T&C's apply

Book a Call with our Team to Discuss How We Can Support Your Business

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Drop us a line at Info@ProfitCashGrowth.Com

Bookkeeping Support

There is a saying “garbage in, garbage out” and never has this been more true about bookkeeping. To enable accurate analysis of your business and provide insightful information that you can make informed decisions off, the data input into your finance & business systems must be of good quality.

As well as improving the accuracy of your reporting and enabling you to make smarter decisions, good quality bookkeeping can also help to reduce your tax bill, reduce the cost of year end tax returns,and ensure you remain compliant with all appropriate laws and regulations. 


We can support you in two ways with your bookkeeping:

Option A:  Bookkeeping Assurance Service - For businesses that have their own bookkeeper or finance staff

Option B:  Full Bookkeeping Service

Please note we do not provide bookkeeping services as a standalone package. Our bookkeeping services are exclusively for customers who have a Financial Management Support Package with Profit Cash Growth.

Already Have An Accountant or Bookkeeper?

You wouldn't ask your optician about your bad back, and accounting is similar in that you need to ask the right accountant to support you. The term accountant covers many different areas of expertise and whilst qualified accountants will all have a good level of "accounting" knowledge, you need the right expertise to support you in your business, especially when it comes to management accounts and financial management. 

It goes without saying that we have a team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants who can take care of all the day to day financial needs your business has, from logging receipts to submitting VAT returns and payroll.  In fact, this does not make us special at all as these are the basic services that pretty much every bookkeeping and accounting business offers.


But our skills and expertise goes beyond that, because we are experts in Financial Management. Our job is to provide the right information on how your business is performing, so that you know exactly what is and isn’t working and what you need to do to achieve financial success.

bookkeeping examples

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accounting & bookkeeping is about keeping on top of your day to day financial transactions, and submitting all your accounts and tax returns to the HMRC & Companies House.

Example tasks include:

  • Posting & paying supplier invoices

  • Raising sales invoices

  • Payroll

  • VAT returns

  • Year end accounts and tax returns

  • Tax planning

financial management examples

Financial Management

Financial management is the art of coordinating your business's resources, including people and cash, to achieve your goals.

Examples Include:

  • Setting & executing business goals

  • Making decisions to maximise profit

  • Managing cash flow

  • Optimising productivity and performance

  • Cost control & budgeting

  • Sourcing funding & investment

Need Help With Something More Bespoke?

If you have big plans for rapid growth, or a unique project you need help with get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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If a plane goes off course just a couple of degrees it will be hundreds, even thousands of miles from its intended destination when it arrives.

That's why the most successful business owners drive their business by the numbers. They know the correct route to their destination, they know when they are off course, and they know how to fix it. 

Don't allow your business to be "broadly" on track any longer. 

The numbers in your business are telling you a story. Interpreting that story, and understanding what actions drive them in the right direction guarantees you and your business financial success. 

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